Are you curious about the real estate market in Long Beach, California?

Well, you are not alone. As a real estate professional, I get this question a lot.

And if I would buy a house, I would totally want to know the market.

I'm Bogdana with Full Service Real Estate Group and I've been watching the real estate market in Long Beach

for the last five years.

I noticed that for the past year, home values went up for 1.7% and it's projected to go

up 2.7% for the next year.   

Right now, there are 377 single family homes for sale with a $650,000

medium price, and 231 condo for sale with $385,000 medium price.

With that being said, first time home buyers considering purchasing condos because they are half the price of those homes that are detached.

Well, if you're looking to buy in Long Beach, California, click the link above.