Have you tried Otto's Pizza Stix before?

It's not a bread sticks. It takes only six to eight minutes to make and if you are tired of long time making dinners, just like I am, sometimes I don't feel like making dinners and especially right now when everybody home and everybody hungry and want to eat. Try Otto's Pizza Stix. It looks just like this. So you defrost them, put in oven for six to eight minutes and it's ready. You're going to enjoy it. It's delicious, tastes just like homemade and juicy inside. We had cheese and pepperoni, which is classics. -Watch what this young couple has to say about pizza stix. If you would like to try it? They are offering free samples right now. So, you can go to www.ottospizzastix.com and request your free samples, which is two cheese and two pepperoni pizza sticks, and you will enjoy it. Highly, highly recommend. I try myself. Love it. I do not relate to this business. Just want to help small local businesses around us right now, especially right now in this, difficult times for a lot of us.