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Essential New Home Checklist for Home-Based Business Owners


It takes a lot of focus to run a business from home. That's why it's even more important to ensure your home has plenty of space for you to maintain an organized office and store all of your files, supplies and products. At some point in your business growth, you may realize you need a bigger home or a space tailored to your specific needs. After you enlist the help of a professional agent through Full Service Real Estate, make sure the potential homes you add to your list include these critical items for home-based companies.


Separate Workspace

While you might choose to work from home to be closer to family, Skillcrush points out that it's still important to set boundaries and make sure you have time and space to complete your essential tasks. Make sure your new home either has an extra bedroom that you can set up as an office or at least a space that you can remodel for your office, like a garage, basement or attic.


Once you've singled out your workspace, consider your essential office equipment. If your current laptop or tablet is no longer operating at full capacity, or if it is older than three years, then it's likely time to buy a new one. You can score great deals on popular tablets, desktops and laptops from top manufacturers if you take advantage of discounts and deals online.


Other pieces of equipment that you are likely to need for a basic home office setup include:

        Comfortable chair

        Quality desk

        Sturdy organization accessories


Keep in mind that purchases you make specifically for your business and using a portion of your home as an office may bring you tax advantages. You may need to ask your tax preparer for more details, but keep all of your receipts for any home office-related purchases you make for a new house.


Weigh these purchases in light of your home buying budget, too. Your real estate agency can help you determine a fair asking price for your current home, and to give you a starting point for shopping, homes in Long Beach reflect a median sales price of $700,000.



Storage space is not necessarily the same as an office workspace, and as Thrifty Decor Chick notes, it is an essential component for working from home that can ultimately help you to be more productive. Being unable to grab your necessities on the fly will slow you down, not to mention the frustration incurred during hunting for them.


Sometimes, all you need is a decently sized closet and an organized setup to keep everything you need in its place. If your home-based business demands that you keep materials and supplies on hand to service clients, you may need a larger storage area close to where you meet. Whichever approach you take, it may be worth it to consult a professional home organizer and invest in efficient home storage solutions.


Internet Access

With more people working from home, you need internet access that can handle your needs. There are steps you can take to troubleshoot slow connections, but you ultimately require a reliable provider with speeds to maintain your desired online workload. Much of your connection reliability may depend on where your new home is located. It's a good idea to research ahead of time the providers in the area where you intend to purchase a home and just how reliable connections tend to be. Fiber-optic connections tend to be the most stable, but they may not be available in all areas.


Your house may have served you well when you first started your home-based business, but it is a natural step over a company's lifetime to outgrow its humble beginnings. If you find that you need more space in your home dedicated to your work, it may be time to upgrade to a bigger house that has the essential rooms and space you crave. When you're ready to take the leap to purchase a new home, enlist the help of Full Service Real Estate early on to guide you through the process.