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Jan. 4, 2022

FSREG 2021 in Review! Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside Counties


💥We would like to express our gratitude to all of our 2021 Buyers, Sellers and Referral Friends who helped with a successful 2021. 💥For the past year Interest rates were holding up under 3% giving homebuyer's a great opportunity to get into their dream home. 💥Because of lack a of inventory, the real estate market remained in the seller's hands keeping it a "seller's market." 💥We experienced high competition among buyers and had to use all our negotiation power to get our buyers into escrow. 💥Getting our buyer offers in "top position" when multiple offers were being submitted to sellers was the key this year for our new homeowners. 💥Without being the highest offer at times, relationship building with the seller's realtor was highly important. 💥When there is great communication, trust and professionalism, then confidence is created... we go into escrow expectanting to create a win / win for both buyers and sellers. 💥Relationship building has been the most important part of our success. 💥Strangers become clients, our clients become friends and our friends become family. 💥This year we had the opportunity to help find a sweet dog named Chance a new home. Our seller moved to a retirement home. Many kind people and FB groups joined in. Chance has a big yard and 2 new brother and sister as well! ❤ Our team is honored to be trusted and relied upon by so many. Our family circle keeps getting bigger and we are humbled by all of your love and support. Thanks again for making The Full Service Real Estate Group your choice of Real Estate Professionals and Consultants in Southern California!

Nov. 15, 2021

My New Home!

My New Home & My New Beginning

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Nov. 3, 2021

California, Los Angeles, Orange County and Nationwide Market Update for September 2021

In this video you will learn about California, Los Angeles, Orange County and Nationwide Market Update for September, 2021 in comparison to previous months and years.

What's happening with prices? What are the projections? What's going to happen next year? Are we really going to crash? So we are really going to repeat 2008, which is way past due? What's happening nationwide and where  mortgage interest rates are? All these questions are going to be answered in this video.


There are Timecodes in the description so please feel free to jump to the part that interests you the most. 


I'm going to walk you through California, Orange, and Los Angeles County in comparison and I will show you the real data on Info Spark. Let's check.What's happening on Info Spark? As you can see, this is the real data in and is showing the entire California, Los Angeles, Orange County. I do wanna go to a single family and condo and townhomes. We don't really want to mix mobile homes because it's a little different pricing because they have leases. So we really want to just focus on single family, condominium and townhomes that are going to show you better data and what's happening in the realistic market. Houses flying off the market after first showing. 


What's the projection on real estate prices, what's going to happen next year? Let's look at this data from the California Association of Real Estate and it's how the California housing market outlook. What's going to happen in 2022 for the first quarter?


Nationwide: what's happening in the real estate market?  Major migration from state to state and right now, like a lot of Californians living everywhere, right? 


Mortgage: A very popular loan is cash out refinance.


California Housing Index: So is it a good time to buy a house?19% saying yes. 81% say no, they don't think it's a good time to buy a house. Is it a good time to sell houses and now we have a reverse situation. 70% saying yes and only 30% saying no. Will it be easier to find a home over the next 12 months? While 33% say yes and 67% don't believe that it will be easier and do you plan to purchase a home in the next 12 months- Look at this 6% saying yes, 94% say no and  will home prices rise in the next 12 months? Here we have almost equal 53% saying yes. 47% say no.


Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you learned something for yourself and now you can have a little picture of what's been happening in California for the last three months and five years.

July 27, 2021

Housing Shortage 2021! Why we are in the housing shortage? May-June Housing Market Update CA, LA, OC


How is the market? When housing prices will go down? What is going on with the mortgage? Why is there a shortage of inventories? The answers to all these questions you will find out by the end of this video where is combined two months May and June.

April 26, 2021



Cypress is a small town that locates in North Orange County, California, surrounded with other small cities of Orange County and is northeast of Long Beach, Los Angeles County. Cypress is very conveniently located: about 20 minutes from everything - the nearest beach, the closest airport in Long Beach, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, about 40 minutes to downtown Los Angeles and 40 minutes to Newport Beach, Fashion Island. In addition, Cypress is full of amenities. You can actually walk to CVS or pharmacy from your home, and local stores. The city is very close to all major freeways. Cypress attracts families with it's great school district. All public schools: elementary, junior high, high schools, are As or in their 10s. Oxford Academy is #2 best school in the USA and to get enroll in to this academy, you need to live in the district. In addition to so many public schools, there are a lot of private schools as well, and a lot of Christian schools. So you have variety of choices to what school you are going to send your child. Despite being so small, Cypress has 26 parks around. So if you have a little ones, you can take them to local park toys where they can slide, swing, clime, enjoy seeing friendly squirrels and ducks. There are plenty of parks that have basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court here. Cypress is very friendly, clean and safe. When you come into Cypress, you see and feel how well it is taken care of, how clean it is, and it's pretty safe since police department is really close and they always around. A lot of headquarters of major corporations found their home in Cypress. We have Rolls-Royce Yamaha, Mary Kay, Mitsubishi, Travel House, Fujifilm, naming just a few. A lot of them are on Katella Ave. It was very hard for me to find cons on this beautiful city because some of you might like that the city is so small and has no nightlife. Cypress is small and sleepy town with only 47,000 residents, and besides being sleepy, It does not have much of fancy romantic dining. Also, If you are single or like to have nightlife around, Cypress is not your city. You would end up driving to nearest beach cities: Long Beach, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach for fun time. And make sure you have a car, because public transportation is very poor in Cypress. Finally, housing is very expensive. I can't imagine the young family starting the family here unless you are into a computer science or any other jobs, you have that makes a lot of money. Average price in Cypress is $800,000. The cheapest place you can buy right now is 2beds, 2baths condo for $515,000, and the most expensive home that is for sale right now is almost $1.2 million.




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March 29, 2021


In today’s episode you are going to learn what is probate, how to avoid probate, and why would you want to avoid probate?

If you're new here, I'm a broker at full service real estate group. And I'm here in Orange County, Southern California. Because my office has been getting so many probate sales It's very sad to me to observe how much money and time family's been losing through probate process.

What is probate? Probate isn't necessarily evil. It's been created with a good intention. Let's say your die with the will then court makes sure everything gets distributed according to that will and all creditors get paid. Let's say your die with no will. Then they also make sure everything gets distributed according to their conduct and rules and regulations on distribution of the real and personal properties. And it goes through the family tree.

Who goes to probate? If you die in California and have real and personal properties that worth more than $150,000 than all your assets will go to probate. And it will take place in probate divisions, at superior court in the county you own your property.

How do you avoid probates? Well, if you're worth less than $150,000, you're not going to go to probate. Everything going to be distributed without probate court. But if you worth more than $150,000, the estate, you inherited worth more than 150,000. Then it's going to go to probate unless it has a trust, but you know, not only trust can save you from probate. There are many other things, especially if you have just one house or a few houses, and you want to point only one or two people as the beneficiaries, or as those who can receive that house, then you can take a title in a certain way that it goes straight to them. You can take title as joint tenancy, as a community property with the right of survivorship. It's also good to know that not everything goes to probate. And if you check on this table, you can see that all accounts such as retirement, life insurance payable on death transfer on death account, joint tenancy properties do not go through probate and only houses, investment accounts, bank accounts, build personal items, partnership and sole proprietorship go through probate.

Why do you want to avoid the probates? Because of two big reasons: time and money. It takes four months to a year to go through probate process. And did you know that cost off the probate based on your home value on the fair market value, not your asset, not your equity. For example, your home worth $500,000 and you owe $450,000 of mortgage. So technically you have only $50,000 in equity. That's not how they calculate. They calculate like this: the home is $500,000 and then they charge you based on that $500,000. So in this case, you're going to pay about $13,000 in legal fees for your probate process.

To find out exactly how Probate Cost is calculated, please check on the table in the video.

To learn more about California Estate Planning, please check on this book: Every Californian’s Guide to Estate Planning written by Attorney Lisa W. Hanks or click on this link:

Looking to sell in Orange or Los Angeles County, visit our website: or call us to request in-depth evaluation.

Here at Full Service Real Estate Group we are specializing in probate sale, so if you inherited the house that needs to go through probate, please call us at 714-767-0748.

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Feb. 18, 2021


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Feb. 15, 2021




Stunning beautiful mansion with 360' panoramic views from sparkling city lights to ocean & island views from almost every room of this luxury home in Mar Vista Heights. As you enter the private courtyard, you are greeted by a tranquil meditation oasis. The grand entry leads to a voluminous open lounge with w/floor-to-ceiling windows & breathtaking city vistas from wrap-around patio decks. You get beautiful sunset on a deck, plenty of room for kids to play and enjoy. Spacious living room with fireplace & wet bar further soaks in the magnificent views. The gourmet kitchen with abundant cabinet and counter space, built-in fridge, professional-grade appliances look out for the incredible views. Upgraded high-end flooring throughout. The sliding door leads to the lush green backyard with a swimmer's pool & spa, an outdoor fire pit table with the seating area, a perfect outdoor living space to entertain friends or host family gatherings. Five bedrooms + 6 baths, incl: a Master bedroom with a separate walk-in shower and soaking tub, a main-floor en suite, a guest en suite, three Car Garage With Direct Access. Other incredible features incl: Wine cellar, a Game room w/wet bar, a laundry room+laundry chute, an elevator for the food upstairs that offers an easy lifestyle in your private luxury resort. NEW PAID-OFF SOLAR!!! It's close to schools, markets, restaurants, and top-notch golf courses. You get privacy just a min to downtown. A truly Immaculate dream home. A Must See!

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Dec. 13, 2020

Essential New Home Checklist for Home-Based Business Owners


check list

Essential New Home Checklist for Home-Based Business Owners


It takes a lot of focus to run a business from home. That's why it's even more important to ensure your home has plenty of space for you to maintain an organized office and store all of your files, supplies and products. At some point in your business growth, you may realize you need a bigger home or a space tailored to your specific needs. After you enlist the help of a professional agent through Full Service Real Estate, make sure the potential homes you add to your list include these critical items for home-based companies.


Separate Workspace

While you might choose to work from home to be closer to family, Skillcrush points out that it's still important to set boundaries and make sure you have time and space to complete your essential tasks. Make sure your new home either has an extra bedroom that you can set up as an office or at least a space that you can remodel for your office, like a garage, basement or attic.


Once you've singled out your workspace, consider your essential office equipment. If your current laptop or tablet is no longer operating at full capacity, or if it is older than three years, then it's likely time to buy a new one. You can score great deals on popular tablets, desktops and laptops from top manufacturers if you take advantage of discounts and deals online.


Other pieces of equipment that you are likely to need for a basic home office setup include:

        Comfortable chair

        Quality desk

        Sturdy organization accessories


Keep in mind that purchases you make specifically for your business and using a portion of your home as an office may bring you tax advantages. You may need to ask your tax preparer for more details, but keep all of your receipts for any home office-related purchases you make for a new house.


Weigh these purchases in light of your home buying budget, too. Your real estate agency can help you determine a fair asking price for your current home, and to give you a starting point for shopping, homes in Long Beach reflect a median sales price of $700,000.



Storage space is not necessarily the same as an office workspace, and as Thrifty Decor Chick notes, it is an essential component for working from home that can ultimately help you to be more productive. Being unable to grab your necessities on the fly will slow you down, not to mention the frustration incurred during hunting for them.


Sometimes, all you need is a decently sized closet and an organized setup to keep everything you need in its place. If your home-based business demands that you keep materials and supplies on hand to service clients, you may need a larger storage area close to where you meet. Whichever approach you take, it may be worth it to consult a professional home organizer and invest in efficient home storage solutions.


Internet Access

With more people working from home, you need internet access that can handle your needs. There are steps you can take to troubleshoot slow connections, but you ultimately require a reliable provider with speeds to maintain your desired online workload. Much of your connection reliability may depend on where your new home is located. It's a good idea to research ahead of time the providers in the area where you intend to purchase a home and just how reliable connections tend to be. Fiber-optic connections tend to be the most stable, but they may not be available in all areas.


Your house may have served you well when you first started your home-based business, but it is a natural step over a company's lifetime to outgrow its humble beginnings. If you find that you need more space in your home dedicated to your work, it may be time to upgrade to a bigger house that has the essential rooms and space you crave. When you're ready to take the leap to purchase a new home, enlist the help of Full Service Real Estate early on to guide you through the process.

Oct. 1, 2020

For Sale in Westside Los Angeles, Brentwood Area


Published on Sep 30, 2020 For more info visit: In this video you will take a walking tour through the Kiowa Ave, Unit #302 that is for sale! This exquisite 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom well-kept and recently updated top floor unit with mountain views is located in the heart of Bentwood and awaits your arrival to make this your forever home. This special unit, with tall ceilings, spacious elegance, natural floors, master bedroom with walk- in closet, and second bedroom with connection to the second bathroom, gets amazing light in all the rooms including the kitchen with ample storage and counter space. It's the perfect dual-master layout with an open living floor-plan. Newer hardwood floors throughout with a fireplace bordering the kitchen and living room. The large sunlit balcony completes this fantastic condo with washer and dryer just steps from the unit's door! Common area features include updated lobby, tastefully renovated hallways, laundry on each floor, secured garage parking, and landscaping. This secured building has a controlled access elevator and two gated underground parking spots. It is conveniently and centrally located close to various parks, hiking trails, local schools, major universities, Getty Museum, Sunset strip and Wilshire Boulevard, where the bars, restaurants, and nightlife are a moment away in Beverly Hills. If you want to live in an area of Los Angeles that is close to everything with outstanding neighborhoods, culture, and things to do, then there is a lot to love about Brentwood.

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